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This rustic Goat milk and peppermint soap smells amazing much like a yummy peppermint candy cane! This soap was hand crafted with your skincare in mind. The luxurious blend of ingredients will go to work on nourishing and hydrating your dry winter skin. Goat’s Milk is a gentle cleanser and loaded with fatty acid which helps to reduce inflammation and soothe damage dry skin. Tallow is an intense moisturizer that helps in retaining your skin’s natural moisture. And will prevent dryness all day.


Aloe Vera Goat’s Milk Beef tallow Olive oil

Castor oil Coconut oil Shea Butter Avocado oil

Avocado butter Peppermint oil kaolin clay

grape seed oil Tussah silk Oatmeal yogurt

Peppermint Candy


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